Get A Professional 7H Ceramic Coating ...Without Spending Thousands

Get the long lasting protection of a professional ceramic coating with an easy application of our 7H Ceramic Kit!

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  • Get the Lasting Shine & Protection of a Ceramic Coating in Minutes

  • An Easy 2-Step Application Process (Just Spray-On - No Complicated Installation or Paint Correction)

  • A Brand You Can Trust: TORQUE Detail™ Has Over 1500+ Verified Reviews Online

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Get long lasting protection with a high gloss shine by applying 7H Ceramic Kit to your vehicle today!

  • Get Great Shine, Long Lasting Protection in Minutes

  • Formula Developed Over 3 Years & Made At Home In America

  • A Brand You Can Trust: Torque Detail Has Over 1500+ Verified Reviews Online

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Why Our 7H Ceramic™ Kit Is The Best Consumer-Grade Ceramic Coating:

  • The Easiest To Apply On The Market

    Simply spray-on the coating and buff to a nice shine with a microfiber towel. No need to worry about leveling, paint correction and other technical challenges with traditional ceramic coatings!

  • True Ceramic Coating Nanotechnology

    Not just another Sio2-infused quick detailer. 7H Ceramic™ is a heavy-duty coating; it chemically bonds to your clear coat in the same way a 9H Ceramic Coating does.

  • Repels Water, Dirt, Street Grime & More

    No more washing & waxing each month. Our formula is extremely hydrophobic; your car repels water and keeps dirt & debris from sticking.

  • 365 Days of Protection

    Provides a minimum of 6 months protection and typically lasts for over 12 months.


  • "The Shine Is Beautiful" - Patrick R.

    The real value of this product is what it does for a car driven every day. I live in North Jersey where the use of rock salt is abundant all winter. This product helps to prevent salt and other contaminants such as dirt from adhering to the paint on your car. The vehicle stays “cleaner” between washes. This is important during winter months when most of us still like to drive a clean car. It will keep your finish looking brand new for many years! Easy to apply and outstanding results. Easily buffs off with a microfiber towel.

  • "I’m Quite Impressed!" - Ted W.

    Gave this a try today and, I have to say, it gave my Laramie a very deep shine.

    This picture was right after I applied the Ceramic Shine for the first time and it’s been about a month since I did.
    I’ve driven through the “Florida Love Bug” swarms thinking I’d have a mess to clean when I got home but, nope!
    Not… one… bug on the front of my ‘19 Laramie. THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!!



  • Step 1: Prep

    Ceramic Prep removes harmful contaminants that damage your vehicle’s clear coat. This ensures you’re coating bonds to a clean, fresh surface.

  • Step 2: Coat

    Ceramic Coat is a consumer-grade ceramic coating. Simply spray it on and work it into your vehicle’s surface. Provides over 12 months protection.

  • Step 3: Maintain

    Ceramic Detail is a hydro-phobic and anti-static spray that helps maintain and enhance your coating. Perfect for daily or weekly use.

  • No Messy, Complicated Application

  • Save Thousands on Professional Coating

  • Just Spray On and Work In Your Vehicle's Surface

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Made in the USA

Our custom formulations are made right here at home in America. All of our products are produced and tested by hand in Tampa, FL.

We employ American workers across multiple states (FL, NY, CT, & CA) and pay competitive wages to our hard workers.


The Story of Torque Detail

TORQUE Detail was started in 2012 by Frank Mitchell. Previously Frank owned a professional detailing business for over 30 years before starting TORQUE Detail.

Frank has been manufacturing small-batch automotive chemicals and creating his own formulations to maintain his classic car collection with premium detailing products.

The 100% No-Risk Promise & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the product, we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price within 60 days of purchase.