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Why Redline Shine Is The Best Consumer-Grade Ceramic Coating:

Glowing Radiant Shine With Deep Depth
Your paint will look like it’s glowing year-round.  Redline Shine gives you better shine and locks it in longer. Restores richness in color on plastic & vinyl.

Quick & Easy Application For Any Skill Level
Put away your elbow grease and that PhD.  We engineered this coating to be incredibly simple for the first time user. We removed multiple steps making it much quicker to apply! Typical coatings use a tiny applicator that gives hand cramps by the end.  We designed Redline to work with a large microfiber applicator that comfortably fits your hand. We also formulated longer flash times so you can coat more of your car with less stress before wiping off. Lastly it also wipes off easier than traditional coatings.

The Truth About Prep Spray
We're here to break the myth: with Redline Shine you don’t need a prep spray.  Other companies push the importance of ‘prep spray’ and are happy to sell it to you at $15 a pop.  We engineered our coating to have a strong solvent base so that it mimics what a prep spray does and applies all-in-one.   One less step to worry about, one less bottle to buy.

The Longest Lasting Coating We’ve Ever Done
Redline Shine is a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that protects your vehicle from grime, contaminants & chemicals. You’ll get up to 2 years of protection even in the harshest conditions.

No High Spots or Streaks: A Perfect Leveled Coating Every Time
We got rid of the most tedious & nerve racking step of ceramic coatings: high spots. Normally you would walk the entire car, carefully checking for high spots & have to correct those areas.  It’s a tedious nerve racking step because if you do leave a high spot, it’s a nightmare that requires a machine polisher to fix. That fear and extra hassle is no more with Redline Shine. Our coating is the only one on the market that has ZERO high spots because of our “Perfect Level Technology” in the formula.

Enhanced Water Spot Protection
Our special formula has a unique ingredient, not commonly found in ceramic coatings, that provides increased water spotting resistance.


"The Shine Is Beautiful" - Patrick R.

The real value of this product is what it does for a car driven every day. I live in North Jersey where the use of rock salt is abundant all winter.  This product helps to prevent salt and other contaminants such as dirt from adhering to the paint on your car. The vehicle stays "cleaner" between washes. This is important during winter months when most of us still like to drive a clean car. It will keep your finish looking brand new for many years! Easy to apply and outstanding results. Easily buffs off with a microfiber towel.

"I’m Quite Impressed!" - Ted W.

Gave this a try today and, I have to say, it gave my Laramie a very deep shine. 

This picture was right after I applied it for the first time and it’s been about a month since I did. I’ve driven through the “Florida Love Bug” swarms thinking I’d have a mess to clean when I got home but, nope! Not... one... bug on the front of my ‘19 Laramie. THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!!

"Excellent Shine" - Bill S.

Used this product on my truck, the shine and feel are excellent. I’m going to see how long it lasts before I do another coat of the product. I’m including a picture and it’s been 4 days since I applied the product and it’s been rained on a couple of times since.

"Did Not Disappoint" - Jay

First time using this product was easy, and made the vehicle look amazing. Will be using in the future for sure.

"Deep Brilliant Shine" - JB

I love the look of my car now. You can see the depth it gave the paint in the side picture. If it lasts like it says I am completely satisfied. Thanks Frank.


Pro-Detailer Tip: To maximize your savings as a first time customer, we've extended your discount to our 2 kit bundle and 3 kit bundles w/ FREE Shipping for an even better cost to you!

The 100% No-Risk Promise & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you don't like the product, we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price within 60 days of purchase.

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The Strongest Coating We’ve Ever Done

Quick & Easy Application For Any Skill Level

Applies to Entire Exterior

No High Spots or Streaks


After 2 years in development we’re launching Redline Shine!  Get over 2 years of protection with this scratch & chemical resistant coating. Lock in radiant shine & Redline your car today.



A Self Cleaning Shield That Resists Grime, Repels Water & Reduces Scratches
Water beads up and rolls off the car, taking dirt and grime with it! This coating is harder than your clear coat thus providing stain resistance against bugs, tree sap, bird poop & other nasty elements. The chemicals simply can’t penetrate it. You’ll get an insane slickness & softer surface which makes your car extremely scratch resistant.

Applies Everywhere and Protects Everything
If it’s on the exterior, it’s protected!


$99 $75


1 Bottle of Redline Shine (60mL)
1 Pair of Black Gloves
1 Microfiber Applicator
1 Microfiber Towel
+ 1 Decon Soap  
+ 1 Extra Regular Towel

You save: $24

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$191 $140


2 Bottles of Redline Shine (60mL)
2 Pairs of Black Gloves
2 Microfiber Applicators
2 Microfiber Towels
+ Decon Soap
+ 2 Extra Plush Towels
+ Wash Mitt

You save: $51

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$297 $195


3 Bottles of Redline Shine (60mL)
3 Pairs of Black Gloves
3 Microfiber Applicators
3 Microfiber Towels
+ Decon Soap
+ 3 Extra Plush Towels
+ Wash Mitt
+ Turbo Waterless

You save: $102

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We found a larger applicator fits the hand better so you don’t get hand cramps. It also allows to cover more surface area so you can coat the car faster.

This coating doesn’t stop at just paint and windows. It also protects headlights, chrome, wheels, rubber molding, plastic trim & even bed liners. Safe on vinyl wraps, single stage & lacquer paint. For the interior it’s good on leathers seats and hard plastic like door panels. When applying it to interior surfaces, let it flash, dwell and then wipe it down really hard and well.

Yes you can up to 3 layers! After that you’re wasting time and product. For the best bang for your buck we recommend 1-2 layers.

Redline Shine is formulated to work with Torque products to easily keep it clean and looking good. Our Ceramic Wash and Turbo Waterless are excellent for maintenance. Our Ceramic Spray can be used quarterly to add additional shine & protection.

We recommend using the product within 30 - 60 days after opening

Most “7 year coatings’ haven’t even been on the market for that long. We also find that after around the 2 year mark, the areas of the car that get the most exposure like the front half of the car will need a reapplication anyways. Instead of recoating half your car, we made it quicker and cheaper to just coat your whole car.