• Having a car with a brilliant showroom shine was once thought to be a luxury only for those with access to high-end detailers and costly professional treatments.
  • So while cars owned by the wealthy look ‘ageless’ — the rest of us just learned to accept the ugly water spots, endless swirl marks, and dull paint as an inevitable part of life as a car owner.
  • But now, a game-changing discovery is finally leveling the playing field, as more and more car owners learn to fight back against their car exterior’s “aging switch.”
  • Yes, you read that right. According to experts, not only is it possible to slow down the appearance of water spots and swirl marks — it turns out, most car owners can easily protect against them themselves.
  • That’s why the latest detailing trend isn’t expensive coatings or complicated paint films, but a simple process that takes just minutes to perform.
  • (In fact, if you’ve noticed one of your friends cars looking suspiciously more shiny and rejuvenated in recent months — there’s a good chance they’re already doing it at home.)
  • But what makes this approach so effective, and how does it work?
  • Well, even though the technique itself was relatively unknown until recent years, the wheels were set in motion many years ago — when detailers first began studying something called clear coat damage.
  • You see, the clear coat is a thin clear layer under your car’s paint. As the surface gets bombarded with harsh rain and snow, tiny “V” shaped pores develop. When the light hits these jagged pores, they show up as ugly swirl & spider marks.
  • (Meaning: it’s not so the pores that are visible as swirl marks, but the light reflect off of them.)
  • Now, at this time, the discovery was pretty groundbreaking. After all, theoretically, it meant the visible swirl marks & water spots could be stopped by simply protecting the clear coat from damage.
  • The only problem? For a long time, no one really knew how to help the car’s surface do this — at least not without professional coatings.
  • But then, a certified detailer in Florida uncovered something truly shocking: car owners can actually help their car’s surface reduce the appearance of water spots & swirl marks.
  • Moreover, he figured out a sneaky trick for doing this without any professional treatments, complicated compounds, or expensive products.
  • His do-it-yourself tutorial has already been viewed, shared, and tested by thousands of car owners worldwide — and for the most part, the transformations they report are quite extraordinary.
  • (The most common effects car owners seem to notice are fewer water spots & swirl marks, however, some have also reported a “better-than-new” showroom shine).
  • That said, everyone’s car is different, so your results may depend on a variety of factors — and you will need to repeat the ritual monthly in order to enjoy the full effects.
  • However, if you’re interested in restoring your car’s showroom shine without the cost and hassle of seeing a professional, this science-backed “shortcut” is certainly worth trying at home.
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  • Daniel Sweeney
  • Certified IDA Detailer
  • Torque Detail

Dan Sweeney is one of the founders of the car care company Torque Detail. As a Certified Detailer by the International Detailing Association, he uses that knowledge to help formulate products that get professional grade results with super simple application techniques.